Abstract FAQs

Who can register to attend the symposium?

Any Yale-affiliate can register to attend the symposium.


Who will be presenting?

Our symposium welcomes submissions from recent college-graduates who are currently conducting research at Yale. Individuals holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree within the past 5 years and have not started graduate/other doctoral/medical school by the symposium date are urged to submit their abstracts for consideration. We also welcome individuals of non-traditional college age who are intending to apply to graduate or professional school. We welcome presentations reflecting research conducted at Yale, from fields in STEM and the Humanities.


What am I getting myself into?


Long Talk

Flash Talk



10 mins talk + 2 mins questions

5 mins talk + answer questions in the chat box

Poster Session in Gathertown

Final scheduling will depend on the total number of submissions.


What are the guidelines for the abstract?

See here.


Will there be prizes and awards?



How can I contact the organizers to sponsor the event, obtain information, or ask for help?

Please contact our Symposium Co-Chairs for more information